Terms of Reference

  • To guide activities of the body for the time being, pending when an annual general meeting (AGM) of the new body will be convened to elect its substantive officers.
  • To liaise with the Lagos state estate agency body with a view to fashioning out a
    preeminent role for our own association.
  • To fashion out the modalities for membership of the association (for NIESV members and others).
  • To work out the modus operandi for the association viz-a- viz training, minimum qualification for membership, etc.
  • To design ways and means to put the practice of agency under control throughout the nation and make these body the main association of estate agents in the country.
  • Work towards the presentation of a bill for government recognition and charter for the association to the national assembly.
  • To present reports of its activities to the management committee and or council, on a regular basis.
  • Membership of the Association is open to all professionals and other interested Nigerians with a minimum of school certificate level of education.
  • Membership of the Association of Estate Agents in Nigeria (AEAN) is divided into the following three 3 categories.