Mandatory Trainings for Member of the Association Estate Agents in Nigeria

Candidate are expected to partake in Mandatory Training Courses  that is organized by the Association. Refresher Courses are also organized every year to renew Membership.

Annual Due Renewal

Members are expected to attend two mandatory refresher courses evevry quarter to renew Membership


After the Mandatory Training there will an interview (whereby Members will be interview to test the level of their knowledge)


The Members will be inducted into the Association with the necessary items Lapel pin, Customized Seal Membership Certificate and other necessary items

Alternative Dispute Resolution

As a member of the Association, after the Mandatory Training and interview you can have access to Alternative Dispute Resolution of AEAN if need be

Listing of member names in castle magazine

In order to add value to members, the Association will on monthly bases publish the names of members

One level Membership category

Membership of AEAN is one level Membership category Called Member Association of Estate Agents in Nigeria (MAEAN)



Holders of SSCE, O.N.D, Graduates with H.N.D,, B.Ed & above from all
disciplines, including Lawyers)

To earn the designation Membership of the Association, one must meet the following requirements:

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    Submit your academic credentials
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    Certificate of incor­poration is to be attached
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    Application for membership on your company’s letter head
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    One passport photograph


Annual Due Renewal

You are expected to pay your National and State Annual Dues on yearly basis. Dues are due by 31st January every year. Failure to comply by 31st December of the year will attract penalty.

Break down of the fee to attain membership of the Association of Estate Agents in Nigeria.

Development Levy₦ 20,000
Annual Subscription₦ 50,000
State Chapter Annual due₦ 5,000
Mandatory Training Courses (9 Courses)₦ 50,000
Grand Total in first year₦ 125,000

Subsequent Payment:

Annual Dues for National and State: ₦15,000